Structures for Rural Electrification

Structures for Rural Electrification


One of the key challenges of the electricity sector is development of rural electrification. This has been a problem not only in India but also across the globe. Even today, a big chunk of population in rural areas of developing and under developed countries do not have access to commercial forms of energy like electricity and are still dependent on the use of traditional fuels for power.

Closer home, even though almost 85% of the Indian villages are connected to the electricity grid but the access to electricity in households in those villages stands at a dismal figure of 44%. 6 of the 29 Indian states have more than 80% of the rural households without access to electricity. These statistics reveal the dire need for rural electrification if India were to significantly improve its economic and social development.

The power generation sector has faced tremendous challenges till now especially with rural electrification. But with the governments increasing focus on rural electrification to establish the route of sustainable growth presents Ishkon with a tremendous business opportunity in providing steel structures for distribution lines, towers and substations.

We are excited about this growth opportunity and hope to be a path breaker in this process.


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